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Amsterdam Travel Diary, Day 1

Amsterdam Travel Diary, Day 1

The journey begins early in the morning. Squeezing myself into a bus with 20 kilos of luggage packed into a military backpack and a normal backpack during rushhour is not that easy. In addition, the last few days were really very warm and accordingly was it this morning. And so I headed to the city of Stuttgart to the Express Train.

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Photographer | Composite Artist | Designer

Hi, I’m Glenn. I’m a 20 years old Graphics Designer and Photographer at home in Stuttgart in Germany. I started with photography as a hobby in 2014 by buying a second hand D3200. From the first time holding this camera, I knew this would be a huge thing for me. Now, years later, My photos are published in online-blogs and magazines all around the world and even had been exhibited a couple of times.